Are you ready for a spiritual adventure with a Barbadian yogini?

Meet Nathalie Golding who lives in Barbados with her family.  She is a peaceful warrioress on the path of liberation.

Her passion is to heal, enlighten and empower people to joyfully experience the journey of life.  She lives connected to nature, spiritual exploration and magic.

She is excited about the global unifying community that the internet provides.  You can benefit now from on line life coaching with Nathalie.  Simply set up your skype session after filling out the form on the Mindfulness Therapy page.

If you are visiting  Barbados she will delight in taking you to special sacred sites where the energy is strong and where you will connect to the raw beauty of the island.  Nathalie knows Barbados and loves her island dearly. 

She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner, a Voice Dialogue facilitator and a Yoga and Meditation teacher.  Her call is to indigenous Spiritual Practices bringing faith, insight and inspiration from diverse traditions of love. 

Join her weekly yoga and meditation classes held under the stars, on the beach, with the waves as your orchestra. Give in to the isle's natural environment through practicing outdoors, nurtured openly by the air, earth and water elements.

In 1991, Nathalie founded Action in Mind offering insightful corporate workshops to both local and international organizations. Her customers are Virgin Atlantic Airways, Royal Bank of Canada, The Barbados Fertility Centre, Port St. Charles, Ernst & Young, PwC, CGI Insurance, Nation Publishing Co. and more. Her workshops take the corporate suits out into nature improving teamwork and communication in a fun environment.

As a spiritual adventurer Nathalie travels the world experiencing new spiritual frontiers. Whether it is receiving a loving hug from Amma the hugging saint, diving into a 10 days silence in a Vipassana Retreat, writing poetry in Auvillar France, visiting the magical isle of Avalon in Glastonbury UK or deepening her training in psychology in Mendocino California, she continues year by year to journey and explore bringing back her growth to share with her students and clients. She is grateful to have studied with many gifted teachers from around the world.  

Nathalie is a poet and author of "Poems of Self" a collection of inspirational poems about love and life. The book is available locally and on Amazon. 

Known to be down to earth yet connected to the higher and broader nature of life she will enhance whatever mode of spiritual adventuring you would like to pursue on Barbados.

Whether you wish a one on one therapy session, a group workshop, an island tour/retreat or if you would like to join one of her weekly yoga/meditation classes with her local troupe of seekers, you will find a deepening of your "self" on this island of blue that Nathalie calls her home.

If you are hosting a yoga retreat on the island Nathalie will bring a local flavor to your retreat offering a range of possibilities to enhance your retreat offerings.

the fairy trees of barbados - the mahogany tree

the fairy trees of barbados - the mahogany tree