Our band of peace seekers meet on the beach, under the swaying trees and moving clouds with the waves as our orchestra.  We venture off to exotic destinations on the island including floating on the ocean.

Some meditation series are held in the morning light and others under the twinkling stars in the early evening.

Nathalie's classes have developed into her own expression of a dance with the divine. Blending Yoga Nidra and Buddhist meditation techniques she dips into Christian, Native American spirituality and Shamanic journeying as she allows the class to intuitively unfold. 

Our meditations will directly or indirectly balance your 7 main chakra systems.  Chakras are the junctions between your physiology and consciousness.  Blocked chakras can cause disharmony in your health and well being.  Clearing and balancing your chakras will bring you health and vitality.

The class is a mix of pranayama and self meditation followed by a lying guided meditation where you can feel the silkiness of the sand beneath you and you can see the open sky above you.

We offer a range of classes with different themes.

Some of our ever expanding themes:-

Chakra Healing with the Harmonium / Shamanic Drumming / Meditate to Create (bring your diary or sketch book) / Floating Meditation in the beautiful blue waters of Barbados / Meditate in the spectacular Animal Flower Cave in the early morning or during the Full Moon. 

If you are hosting a retreat our classes will be an opportunity to add a local flare to your retreat offerings and for you to meet locals. 

Private meditation classes can be arranged for either a group or as an individual session.

Let go to who you really are, find stillness and connect to divinity on our magical isle.

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