The medicine wheel of life - concept by nathalie golding - artwork by filippa edghill

The medicine wheel of life - concept by nathalie golding - artwork by filippa edghill

the wheel of self discovery workshop - a barefoot journey

Our upcoming weekend workshop in March will bring together a group of inner world pioneers at beautiful Bath Beach, St. John, Barbados.

With the sea as your back drop and a wooden beach house as your Bajan castle you will shed negativity and embark on a barefoot journey of self discovery.

the wheel of self discovery - day one

Your first steps on this journey of awareness will be the completion of your own personal Wheel of Self Discovery.  This simple to complete psychological tool will deliver amazingly insightful results.  Imagine sitting back and truly marvelling at a mirror that will be held up revealing your interpretation of reality.  You will receive answers to questions you did not even know you had.  Your results will offer you a deep understanding of both your stress response triggers and your interpersonal tendencies and styles. Your perception of difficult relationships will shift to one of greater clarity and understanding.

With over a quarter century of experience Nathalie has fine tuned her mastery of this wheel's interpretation. She is known to deliver a laser sharp interpretation that is insightful, sensitive, caring and objective. 

the wheel of self discovery - day two

With these polished mirrors of perception you will courageously dive into the domain of experience. Every behavioural dominance carries an energetic footprint.  Through the fascinating method of Voice Dialogue Nathalie will facilitate an accessing of primary "ego" selves. Her experienced facilitation will lead you into a direct contact with primary and disowned selves.   An "aware ego" perspective will be awakened enabling you to be able to both appreciate the intention of and unhook from the sometimes dogmatic dominance, harsh criticisms and unrelenting judgments of unconscious psychological patterns.

In essence day two will be a journey from the head to the heart. From fear to love.  From anxiety driven constrictions to a freedom of expression. The group will start a dance of selves in which individual worlds will expand into untold possibilities.

Voice Dialogue often awakens ancient voices of spiritual archetypes that will be there to support you, enlighten you and empower you with greater faith, courage and love.

this is a weekend for committed seekers of enlightenment

Nathalie is a seasoned practitioner of change and your time with her in this intimate and safe group environment will guarantee personal attention and powerful deep lasting change. This is a high value experience that will pay dividends over and over again by giving you the tools to really enjoy the adventures of this life time.

Contact Nathalie directly for costs, dates and scheduling details.

customized workshops

If you cannot make a scheduled workshop you can experience the Wheel of Self Discovery analysis either in a one on one session or in a customized group workshop. For organizers of retreats in Barbados this deep workshop will offer memorable "aha" moments with profound life changing shifts in perception.

Nathalie offers a wide variety of workshops suitable for corporate teams, incentive travel groups, yoga and meditation retreats or any group of people who need good communication and teamwork. You can visit for further corporate offerings.

one on one therapy

While on holiday take time to explore the landscape of your inner world.  Through this adventure of self discovery, new and exciting perspectives will bring you greater freedom, joy and happiness. 

As a therapist and workshop facilitator Nathalie is guided from the heart.  She blends NLP interventions, Voice Dialogue facilitation, Shamanic Journeying, Yoga Psychology, Intuitive Card Readings and other healing modalities in fun and engaging workshops or private personalized one on one sessions.

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