You Deserve A Heart Wide Open

I came back from the retreat and suddenly the sun was brighter, the breeze was sweeter, the sky was just an indescribably beautiful shade of blue, my friendships more meaningful ... It is hard to explain. I am just more appreciative.
— Helen Moss
Freedom from the heavy cloak of the pressure under which we live in our day to day lives. A clearing of the mind, release of stagnating tension and opening of our hearts!”
— Gina-Lee Johnson
Everything about the retreat was pure bliss. The idea of “roughing it” down Bath with a group of women, some I had never met, excited my spirit and allowed me to release any ideas, perceptions and beliefs I once had.

Words can’t really express the love and gratitude that will forever be in my heart from this experience. The smiling faces, the gentle touches, the compassionate ears. It was all that I really need at this special time in my life.
— Jamilya Browne
I was so caught up with the world and it’s struggles before our retreat. When I came down from the mountain.... the landscape of my life was changed.
— Lesley Cargill
Nathalie has the ability to create a “safe” environment for us to share, support each other and learn from each other.

I loved all of the yoga and meditation sessions and especially liked the fact that it was not a rigid, set agenda. We went with the flow in a very relaxed manner and thoroughly connected with mother earth, each other and ourselves.
— Maria Nicholls
A Poem from the Retreat - Cleansing water, It flows, I flow, Wisdom, Volda, The feminine, It flows, It Circles, I am a part of it, Flying alien owl, I am a part of it, It flows, North South East West, It circles, Connects and, It flows, Love, I am a part of it, It flows, ................
— Gina Foster