Meditation is easy! Start by observing your thoughts versus trying to stop them.

"Meditation is too hard to do"  "I could never sit still"  "My mind just keeps going"

Now imagine, you are at the waters edge, the waves are your breath, ebbing and flowing, the stars are your lanterns, the moon your Goddess.

You sit in a half circle with your fellow seekers.  We start class seated comfortably.  Our toes gently feeling the silky smooth cool sand.  There is a balmy breeze, the tree frogs continue their symphony and you seek stillness.

We spend 30 minutes being aware of our mind and using our breath to bring relaxation to our body.  

Yes, the mind will keep coming up with ways to get you to think.  Let's think about your career. Oops I am thinking.  Back to the waves moving in and out.  Then the mind knocks again.  Let's think about your health.  Oops I'm thinking.  Back to the breath moving in and out.  And the mind keeps finding things for you to think about.

But you watch, you listen, you return to nature.  Eventually, quietly the continuous shifting of your attention to the demands of the mind quiets down.

We move from sitting to lying on mother earth.  On our yoga mats on the cool beach we let go. Guided by a soothing voice we enter yoga nidra or yogic sleep for the second 30 minutes. 

We rest back comfortably letting go of everything, entering into the domain of restorative relaxation. Nothing to do, nothing to think, guided to places that bring healing, creativity and harmony to our body, mind, spirit.

And from here you are healed, your blood pressure, your anxiety, your tension, your worry and a certain balance comes over you. 

You enter a timeless place of being. 

The elephant walks elegantly through the village market.  In her trunk holds her focus, her gaze steady, her gait strong and sassy.

Are you ready to stop identifying with your thoughts?

Are you ready to tame the restless mind?  Are you ready to feel peace of mind?

Are you ready to connect with who you really are?

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Nathalie Golding

Life Coach, Wheel of Self Discovery Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Retreat Leader, NLP Practitioner, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Corporate Motivational Trainer, Author of "Poems of Self"