Anxiety is the misuse of the power of our imagination

Amma a living saint says ......

In life we all desire success and happiness. At the same time, all of us are facing problems. These problems vary with the individual. For some, the source of their problems are their relationships. For others, their problems are financial. There are others whose problems are health related. 

However, there is one problem that is common to us all - anxiety. Anxiety is our main enemy and, at the same time, out constant companion. 

When we analyse the cause of our anxiety. We see it arises from either the fear of the unborn future or from thoughts that dig uncontrollably at the graves of our past.

We define anxiety as - immobilisation at the hands of ceaseless waves of thoughts.

In essence, anxiety is the misuse of our power of imagination.

It's like a thief, stealing away our inner strength and precious time.

We have become experts at anxiously determining that, without any reason, only the worst will happen. The first step in resolving each of our external problems is defeating this internal enemy - anxiety.

These are Amma's words at her 60th birthday celebration in India. Amma is a living saint who hugs people to heal them.  Over the 5 days of birthday celebrations she gave Darshan to over 500,000 people from all over the world. I am planning a trip soon to see and experience her wisdom and blessings. 

To defeat the enemy of anxiety we have to take that inner journey and that is what our upcoming "Art of Mindful Living" course / workshop in June & July will give us.  

Emancipation from the mind of fear, judgment and scarcity.

A celebration of our true love nature! An inner journey of joy, peace and freedom.

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Nathalie Golding

Life Coach, Wheel of Self Discovery Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Retreat Leader, NLP Practitioner, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Corporate Motivational Trainer, Author of "Poems of Self"