Bring out the fearless focused warrioress in you! Arjuna shares his secret ......

The day was warm in the grove outside of the ashram. Young Arjuna already a master archer and still to become the great warrior of the Bhagavad Gita was standing silently, his bow at the ready.

Arjuna’s teacher called all his students to gather. On a distant tree, he had placed a wooden bird with a prominently painted eye.

“It is time for your next test". 

The students listened intently. 

"Show me your skill in archery," he commanded. "Aim, and hit that eye”. 

The students lined up, preparing to let their arrows fly.

He asked them, “Tell me what you see?”. 

One by one they said, “I can see the bird, the trees, the fruits .....”.

One by one the teacher told them, “Step aside before you release your arrow”. 

When Arjuna was ready the teacher asked him, "Tell me what you see".

Arjuna replied, “I see only the eye of the bird.”

The teacher said, “RELEASE!”

Arjuna let loose the arrow, whistling through the air, the arrow found its mark.

Praising Arjuna's mastery the teacher continued his lesson.

Today ....... living in this technologically demanding world, your attention bombarded constantly. You start one task and “beep” you are pulled to another.

You are reading your report, your eyes track to the pop up informing you of new emails. Another text, another Whatsapp, a Facebook message, a tweet from Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram ....

Remember the time you used to complain about faxes demanding instant response.  Look at where you are now!

Juggling multiple responsibilities with high expectations of success on all fronts.  Your challenge is no longer just time management, your challenge is focus.

Your mind, your inbox continually adding stimuli, the pressure to succeed exacerbating your stress levels. Is there any wonder that your psychological and physical health is suffering?

Bring focus, balance and vitality to your life today.  

To have the focus of an archer you need a still mind.  A still mind needs to be cultivated.

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Nathalie Golding

Life Coach, Wheel of Self Discovery Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Retreat Leader, NLP Practitioner, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Corporate Motivational Trainer, Author of "Poems of Self"