Top 3 Tips for Maintaining your SPIRIT in Tip Top Condition. Are you a spiritual athlete?

I was asked by a yoga student if I could write a piece titled “Top 3 Tips for maintaining your Spirit in Tip Top Condition” for her Facebook page.

I had never really thought of spirituality in that way before.

Then I mused, this could be an interesting perspective.  How about looking at spirituality as if you were a spiritual athlete.  As if you were training/conditioning for a sport.

As a spiritual athlete I would say that my sport is self discovery and one of my conditioning methods is the practice of yoga.

A spiritual practice of union encompassing deliberate action and surrender. It is an awakening of witness consciousness. The ability to appreciate the ego of separateness while tapping into the mystery of the big all encompassing “I” . 

Recommended by yogis for thousands of years I offer you the following three practical, proven and doable paths to top spiritual condition.

1.     The practice of asana (physical postures).  Strengthening your physical body (the container) to open awareness beyond the little “i” of self.

2.     The practice of pranayama (breathwork).  Through specific breath control you balance your life force opening awareness beyond the little “i” of self.

3.     The practice of meditation (silence). Through the cultivation of silence you tame the restless mind and you enter into the domain of spirit.

Yoga is a marriage of heaven and earth. The unification of mind, body and spirit.

What a beautiful dance it is when the performer becomes the performance.  

When the athlete becomes the sport.

The surfer becomes the wave.

Here in Barbados as a yoga teacher these three paths are practiced weekly outdoors under the starry nights.