Imagine moonlit yoga on the beach in Barbados and loving every minute of it!

Waves gently lapping on the sand, the almond trees swaying in the breeze of the tradewinds. The moonlight shimmering across the serene waters of the majestic Carlisle Bay. The lights of the cruise ships glowing in the distance beyond the harbour wall.

We all sit looking around at the beauty, in stillness, having completed our yoga journey from the worries and anxieties of daily life to a harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Full of peace, full of love; love for the universe, love for the earth, love for the beautiful Caribbean sea that we joyously hear in front of us. We feel love for humanity and love for our brothers and sisters. We are at one.

Nathalie our teacher reminds us, “The human mind exists in duality. It swings from fear to love, our fear fueled by our intrinsic vulnerability and the misconception that we are constantly at risk. Yoga takes us on a journey from fear to love.”

Everyone agrees that they feel calmer and perhaps for a moment we have all witnessed the quietening of the voices of judgement, the voices of criticism and comparison.  Old doubts give way to intuition, faith and courage.

We share how much stronger, how much more flexible we are feeling from attending classes on a regular basis. 

The moon glowing golden continues her ascension into the star filled heavens of the ink black universe. Orion’s belt, Sirius the dog star, Pleiades the seven sisters twinkle their mysteries upon us all.

We roll up our mats with a deep realization that we are much more than our physical bodies, that our class has moved us from a time bound state of consciousness to a timeless state of being.

As we head to our cars chatting, we are lighter, we are brighter, we are entering back into a material world much more contented with what is, as is.

There is a way, a place, a time, a path.  A community with a common goal of health, love and unity.

Are you ready to lay down your mat, your magic carpet and rev up your vehicle to divinity under the stars on our beloved isle of Barbados? 

Are you ready to discover who you really are?

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