Yoga is For Life - under the stars in Barbados

Yoga and meditation with Nathalie under the stars in Barbados and next to the ocean waves are an integral part of my week and my effort to maintain health, flexibility, balance, union of heart, body and mind.  I have been going to her classes for years and the journey continues amazingly. Yoga is for life and one of the reasons I so love it.  

A good yoga teacher is an extra special treat.  Nathalie lets energy and spirit guide her and provides the words to help me get into alignment, adjust, reflect and concentrate on the postures, breath and benefits.

She always says what we learn on the mat we take into our day and that is so true.  We all really benefit from its wisdom and students and teacher together in our practice grow our self awareness and tools to deal with the many facets of life.

I always feel lucky and blessed to be in class - certainly a weekly gift to myself. 

Simone B (Yogini in Barbados)