Shavasana - a new approach to endings in life

Yoga Mind Body Spirit Barbados - Shavasana

At the conclusion of my yoga class tonight under the moonlight in Barbados. The waves as our orchestra I found myself speaking about Shavasana in a new way with a new approach.  Known as corpse pose or the pose of death this posture is the last yoga posture in a class.

Think of a yoga class as a micro perspective of life.  The start of a class is a beginning of life, of a project, of a relationship, of a job and the list of beginnings continue..........

As we lay under the moon tonight it came to me that if we approached all endings like Shavasana life would go a lot smoother.

You enter into a project, a relationship, a new job with excitement and enthusiasm.  It goes the full circle and you find yourself at the end.

In Shavasana we lie down with a certain integrity. We welcome the end.  We have a good balanced posture. We let go to the ground.

What if we approached every ending in life with this attitude?  We did our thing, we lived it, we grew from it, we celebrated it and then it starts to come to an end.  Instead of grasping with anxiety and fear we simply release and let go.

Rather than contracting and resisting the ending we expand to give way to the new. We trust. Emptiness is reframed as the filling station for the new, for the next, for the unknown.

Our energy is calm without preference, judgement or expectation. We love life as it is.  We accept the end with open hearts.

We are the closest to our spiritual self in Shavasana.  There is no identity imposing a will. Nothing more to do. Nothing more to accomplish.  We wipe all expressions from our face. We just lie there feeling the support of mother earth beneath us.

How simple is that?  My challenge to us all.  Let us approach the endings in our life like Shavasana. Feeling safe in the vulnerability of an end, we feel pure acceptance and willingness to fill the end with another new beginning. Whatever that may be!

If we simply approached the end of each day like Shavasana our sleep will be a restorative and healing time giving rise to the sun and the dawn of a new day.