"I am loving awareness" Ram Dass

"I am loving awareness" quote by Ram Dass

My excitement continues to rise for another year of diving deeper into our spiritual practices. 

On completion of a beautiful meditation at Drill Hall on Saturday morning, we all agreed it is time to re commit, to re connect to the simple routine of meditating daily.  Of making our spiritual practices a priority. 

Yesterday I spent some time listening to Ram Dass and I would like to share some of his thoughts on our spiritual journey.  Ram Dass, a spiritual leader of our time, is now in his 80's having suffered a terrible stroke, he continues to be an authentic teacher of love. 

Ram Dass recommends the mantra “I am loving awareness”.  A mantra is a holy phrase we repeat while meditating.  It takes the place of your thoughts and becomes a point of focus. 

Eventually we can drop the “I am” and the mantra becomes “loving awareness”.

Our attachment to self reference drops.  The "I am" drops to "am" to "am-ness". The individual soul becomes one.

This is the intention for every class I teach "to see who we really are".

Ram Dass talks about the fact that we have a doorway that connects us to another plane of consciousness which he calls the Soul Land.

Our Meditation, Yoga and Self Awareness practices, like Mindfulness, opens this door.

We are able then to be in both lands at the same time, the “Ego Land” and the "Soul Land”. The Soul Land is the ocean of love.  When we connect to the witness that can see beyond our incarnation then we truly can love everyone with compassion.

Our emotions of anger, fear and separateness as they arise, through awareness, shift as we learn to love them "to death".  With compassion our vulnerabilities become our strengths. 

Mind Body Spirit Barbados retreats, classes, courses, one on one therapy all have the common intention to shift negative emotions to the freedom of love. 

To awaken our witness and to open ourselves to our true potential. We learn how to live on these two planes of consciousness at the same time. 

For we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When we begin to identify with our soul we can witness the mind. 

The Ego Mind of judgment, of preference, of discontentment is witnessed through compassion and we learn how to love ourselves and others unconditionally. 

We awaken through our negative emotions by seeing them from a different perspective. Suffering and pain shifts when we move our awareness out into the cosmos. 

My work includes a blend of many traditions gathered over 27 years of seeking. The teachings of Ram Dass, of Amma, of Osho, of Ramana Maharashi, of Fools Crow, of Jamie Sams and other prophets and saints are the back bone of my spiritual practice and teachings. 

NLP and Voice Dialogue are some of the vehicles that I use to teach how to understand our mind, our energies, our emotions so that we can witness and make conscious choices. 

Together, we unify, we learn to live the path of love, we learn to make this world a better place through our practice of love. 

Aho Great Spirit!